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The original construction of Neve Shalom synagogue was in 1719 by Ashkenazi Jews. The synagogue was rebuilt and enlarged to its current size between 1835 and 1837.

This magnificent wooden synagogue is the only active synagogue today in Paramaribo, the capital, at the service of the entire Jewish community of Suriname.

The synagogue is a remarkable landmark in the city of Paramaribo.

The Aron Hakodesh (Holy Ark), Bima (stage) and the benches are all made in beautiful wood. The synagogue has several Torah scrolls that are hundreds of years old.

A very singular characteristic of Neve Shalom is its stand floor.

According to tradition, the sand has multiple meanings:
* A reminder of the 40 years that the Hebrews walked through the desert during the Egyptian exodus,
* or the days of the Inquisition where practising Judaism was punishable by death.

Neve Shalom Synagogue is the center of Jewish life in Suriname.
It includes:
* The synagogue,
* The Mahmad (a wooden community center) where they gather after weekly service for Kidush.
* The Shamash (office) also serves as a small museum and library.

There is also a mikveh that is 148 years old, the old Rabbi's house and many the 18th century tombstones in the Sephardic cemetery.

Visiting Neve Shalom synagogue is a must for all tourists in Paramaribo.

The synagogue, the museum and its gift shop are open for visitors form Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 4 pm.
Guided tours are also offered in those times.

Kabalat Shabat:
* Friday night service is at 7 pm, the first and third friday of every month
* Saturday morning at 8 am, duing the second and forth week of the month.

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