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Address: Roberto Andrade Oe3-580 y Jaime Roldos (Urb. Einstein)
Phonenumber: 593 2 2483 800 o 2483-927, 2486-749 Fax: 593 2 24
Mail: [email protected]

Rab: Nir Baruch Koren
[email protected]

Jewish Community of Ecuador is the umbrella organization that serves as home and representation for the Jewish community of Quito.

The synagogue, the club and Hanoar Hatzioni youth movement function within its walls.

The Jewish community of Quito was founded in 1938, when a growing number of European Jews started to arrive in Ecuador before World War II.

In its peak, during and after war years, the community had approximately 5000 members. There was another wave of immigration, this time from Argentina and Chile in the seventies.
Currently, the community reaches 600 people. The community has decreased in numbers because there's barely immigration and youth in University age leave the country to study abroad and generally do not return to their native country. Most of them settle in the United States or Israel.

The Jewish community offers a wide range of religious, educational, cultural and social services. It offers restaurant service, meat and kosher products, mikveh, etc. The community has its own funerary service and cemetery.

The community center was built and inaugurated in the year 2000 thanks to the generosity of its members and has one of the most beautiful synagogues in the Americas. Its members are very active, especially on Shabat and the holidays and in different activities organized throughout the year. This synagogue is the most historical Jewish building in Ecuador, and has been recently remodeled. A visit is recommended if the traveller wishes to delve into the roots of the community of this tropical country.

This community is currently part of the Modern Orthodox Movement.

Several organizations are linked to the community, such as:
* Bnai Brith
* Hanoar Hatzioni
* Albert Einstein school, which is sponsored by the Jewish community even though it is an independent organization.

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