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Address: Libertad 375, Miraflores, Lima
Phonenumber: +511 445-1089 / +511 241-2370
Mail: [email protected]

The origin of this synagogue dates back to the "1870 Israelite Welfare Society", founded in the 19th century by the first Jewish immigrants in the city.
A new organization was born with the arrival of German immigrants since 1933.

It became official on 21 October 1935 and became known as "Israelite Mutual Aid Society of German-Speaking Jews" and was later included in the "Association of Entities", on 30 June 1938, with the name of "1870 Israelite Welfare Society".

Before the opening of this synagogue, the members of "1870" would gather to pray in the house of Leopoldo Weil, located at 320 Juan Fanning street, Miraflores.
After being inscribed in the Peruvian State, the "1870" was able to open its synagogue. This occurred that same year, in 1938, when they rented a place in Libertad street, in the district of Miraflores, to the British Welfare Association. The Rabbi was Leopoldo Weil.
Later on, thanks to the contribution of its members, the definitive purchase of that location took place in 1948. It was actually an old house in Miraflores that was adapted based on the needs of a synagogue.

The community grew until the house was no longer enough to serve the needs of the "1870". That is why in 1999 the old house was demolished and a new building was built, opening on 10 May 2000.

It is important to point out that the "1870" is mostly composed of Ashkenazi Jews, mostly German, so it follows the German rite.

For more information or contact please write to: [email protected]

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