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Address: Avenida Oscar R. Benavides 2200, Callao
Phonenumber: +51 429 0731
Mail: [email protected]

It is the oldest place that continues to own the Jewish Community.

The community was organized by the need to devote land to bury the dead Jews.

Before 1875, Jews were buried in a gentile cemetery in the British cemetery where were buried forty Jews from 1851 until 1874. In 1868, when Lima was hit by an epidemic of yellow fever, among the 6000 victims, there were 10 Jews who were buried initially in the British Cementery in Callao.

The needs to give Jewish bury to their dead and care for widows and orphans of deceased Jews they associate for charitable purposes. Thus it was established in April 1869, an interim board chaired by James Herzberg and Miguel Badt. This company was officially founded in 1870 with the name "Hebrew Benevolent Society" and was officially recognized on July 1, 1873, under the chairmanship of Natazzius Hurwitz, accompanied by Paul Ascher and James Brillman.

The January 30 1875, Mr. Enrique Meiggs "sold" to the Hebrew Benevolent Society a land of 10,684 square yards, in order to found a Jewish cemetery there. The sum of the land sale was laughable, because Mr. Enrique Meiggs wanted to give this area in the form of a purchase. The March 29, 1875, was founded the Jewish Cemetery Baquíjano, which at that time had the name "Israelite Baquíjano Campo Santo" with the act of placing a marble plaque on which are engraved the names of 90 Jews that collaborated with the construction of the cemetery, (it can be seen names of Franco-German Jews, Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews).

The first grave was dug on November 7 of that year, and was buried there Mina Miss Rosenberg, born in Bronberg, Germany and died at age 37. She is buried in the tomb contained with the letter K-1.

In the twentieth century, a section of the Jewish community in Peru, of German origin and liberal ideas and rituals, gathered in the Jewish Mutual Aid Society of the Jews (1935). Then, this group was associated based on the ancient Israelite Benevolent Society that from that moment changed its name to "Jewish Charitable Society 1870", in tribute to the predecessor foundation, which was responsible for the ownership and management Jewish Cemetery of Bellavista. Already in the 1940s, all sectors of the Jewish community of Peru were integrated to manage the cemetery and cover maintenance.

On February 4, 1942 at the initiative of Mr. Max Geller, it is constituted and founded the "Society of Jewish Societies of Peru", consisting of three delegates from each of the three Jewish organizations, Sephardic, Ashkenazi Jews and Germans. The rotating presidency would be its foundation and the organization assumed the management of the cemetery.

On 12 September, 1946, the Israeli Union, buy a lot of 21.0000 m2. to expand the cemetery. In 1762 under the chairmanship of Mr. Roberto Feldman, he turned to expand the cemetery again.

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